Mixed Media, Mixed Products

For about an hour and a half today I was an art teacher. I have been observing and working with students for the past several weeks, so for my final project, I had to teach them an art lesson. Our instructor gave us a lot of resources for lessons, so I decided to combine a collage lesson with some of my own skills. As an artist, I use Mixed Media in my work therefore I wanted to share similar techniques with the first graders I worked with. I used examples from my own art work, as well as examples from a book, The Little Yellow Leaf to guide students through an art project that melds collage and coloring techniques. The paper I used in the collage was paper I collected from campus that I cut into strips, and ripped. The project allowed them to use the materials that are available within close proximity to their school in a new and exciting way. 

During my time teaching I find that the best lessons are not executed as they were planned. I showed them pictures of trees where the bark was made from neatly collaged newspaper, and an example of my own work where there was a banana created from layering, but the work looked nothing like my example. I saw students practice engineering skills in the class by folding the paper to make it stand up in round shapes, and a budding fashion designer added pockets to her work. Although the work strayed from my example, the final products were even better than I had initially imagined. Students used their creativity, and their time exploring the material to create wonderful 2- and 3-Dimensional work. 

Here are some of the photos from my lesson:





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